Sol Ride Europe Fibres for Equestrian Surfaces


Recommended for leisure-use, riding schools, private arenas. For professional jumping and competitions, we recommend our fibres to mix with sand.

Fibre-Top is a fibre topping for sand-based equestrian surfaces. It is an ideal solution to top up an old sand surface, or to finish a new surface, offering increased comfort, stability, safety and reducing maintenance considerably. A well constructed base with effective, even drainage is required for best results. 

Composition : 100% high quality synthetic fibres, post-production, carefully selected and processed. 

Recommended Quantity : 5-7cms laid onto sand (10kg/m2)

Other Recommendations : a well constructed arena base with good drainage is required for optimal performance.


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Due to increase in cost of raw materials over the past few years, this product is sometimes too expensive for larger surfaces as many tonnes are needed, therefore please orientate yourselves towards Solotex or FibrePro.